The seed of University of Tartu Pärnu College student theatre K-äng2 was planted in the spring of 2003 when the actor/director and later teacher Meelis Sarv had a feeling of a momentum.

School director Garri Raagmaa was all in favor, so theatre started growing and started to wear its first fruits. Throughout the years the group has shared the love for theatre with over hundred people.

Our goal is not to make art or play an act, we are just trying to have fun!


Title: The Disease by Tim Hornet

Director: Meelis Sarv

Duration: 25 minutes (without an intermission)


Have you ever felt like someone is watching you? Not just watching but staring, drilling you with their eyes. Everyone has felt that, but not that often. Maybe just for a second and then the feeling is gone. But what if you have felt it for months?